In cases where any blood bank has lost its password they can contact us by sending a request to us using the form given here.

Any reqest for lost password or an indirect password change will be scrutinied either by using the email database or by direct phone call either to Mumbai SBTC Office or directly to the blood bank concerned. Passwords will be reset to random if such requests are recieved.

Added features will be added when the comfort level of the blood banks with the current system increases. Any queries can also be mail at Support.

Blood Bank Login








Every blood bank is supplied with a login id. Please use the login id to gain access.

Chat facilty can be accessed by enabling the selection on the login form. In the cases where chat does not work or the internet connection is very slow please disable chat.

Your feedback regarding what new facilities can be supplied and what are the latest developments can be incorporated into the web portal are always welcome.

In cases where any blood bank has trouble how to use the services please contact SBTC Office. A tutorial regarding basic updates is also available to help. Also any request for further help can be obtained from the support facilities inside the site or by using chat

In case the chat facility doesnt work or site is not displaying properly please use a firefox browser. The browser is free and can be downloaded from